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  Doin Seitei Center, in the heart of midtown Manhattan, is the perfect and most pristine place to go to alleviate body aches and pains and to once again restore pre-injury flexibility.  By using traditional Shiatsu, or “finger-pressure” techniques, Master Norimasa Suzuki, in his no-nonsense fashion, will help remove energy blockages and restore “chi” or energy flow to your body.  The goal of Shiatsu is to promote self-healing and create balance in the body, and if you want a genuine non-surgical answer, Master Suzuki is the right choice for you.

 Pain or injuries can be a very frustrating experience.  Master Norimasa Suzuki is an experienced and compassionate Shiatsu expert.  He understands the importance of proper diagnosis and prompt and accurate treatment.

Many times, the source of your pain is not obvious.  Pain can result from an overly tight ligament, or as a result of scar tissue or surgery.  Sometimes the bone is slightly out of alignment.  While it is true that massage can soften muscles, it is most beneficial if the bones are in their correct position.  Any of these conditions can cause unbearable pain.  On your very first visit, Master Suzuki will diagnose your pain.  

A typical diagnosis is achieved by analyzing the injured areas along with feedback from the client. Treatments consist of manual manipulation using centuries-old acupressure techniques.  This results in stimulating the flow of healing energy, detoxifying blood balancing the immune system and enabling self-healing energy to return to your body.
 The all natural treatments are based on the thousand year old practices of Shiatsu, Seitai, Reflexology and various other massage methods. NO needles, oils, drugs are involved. The correct alignment is achieved without surgery!

Conditions that Master Suzuki can treat include: Back pain, leg and foot pain, sciatica, knee, shoulder, neck and headaches.  There are numerous benefits of Shiatsu Seitai, including pain relief, a balanced immune system, toxin removal, increased energy, improved circulation and total relaxation.

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