About the Classes

For 16 years, Master Suzuki has been training would-be therapists to master the Art of Shiatsu.

Doin Seitai Shiatsu Introduction covers the basic elements of Seitai Shiatsu with hands-on training.  The course includes the Manipulation Sequence, Japanese Medical concepts, Yin and Yang Philosophy, Five Elements Methodology, Energy meridians and Illnesses, and Hara Diagnosis.
The Intensive Training Program Schedule provides you with a full immersion into Japanese Shiatsu techniques.  In this course you learn to integrate metaphysical energy sources into your Shiatsu therapy..  You will also learn the essential knowledge of Oriental Budo Medicine, as well as Shiatsu techniques from ancient Japan. You will also learn secrets of ancient healing techniques used by Ninja masters.


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Seitai Apprenticeship:

Apprenticeship is now available for those who have right mind and attitude for the special program. Please call in advance to qualify for enrollment. Master Nori Suzuki, Director 
Do-in Seitai Center, New York City 
Phone: (212) 697-9114 
Email: DoInSeitai@gmail.com


This beginner course condensed into 20 hours giving Knowledge of shiatsu based on Oriental Medical Philosophy and Learn Basic shiatsu treatment techniques with understanding meridian lines and points of our body.
Shiatsu Class 1 Shiatsu Class 2 Shiatsu Class 3 Shiatsu Class 4 Shiatsu Class 5
Yin & Yang, Five Elements, Meridian lines & Points, Opening Back Treatment technique Shoulder 1 Shoulder 2 Review and Practice- Opening Techniques, Back Treatment. Shoulder 1 and 2
Shiatsu Class 6 Shiatsu Class 7 Shiatsu Class 8 Shiatsu Class 9 Shiatsu Class 10
Lower Back Legs Hara Diagnosis and special treatments Neck, Head and Face Go through (whole body), Q and A
Intermediate Course: Class 11-20
This is an Intermediate course condensed into 20 hours giving in depth knowledge and understanding of major symptoms of chronic life style diseases, diagnose symptoms and its fundamental causes and learn how to treat them effectively by shiatsu and some beginner Seitai stretching techniques.
Symptomatic Treatment by Shiatsu:
Shiatsu class 11 Shiatsu class 12 Shiatsu class 13 Shiatsu class 14 Shiatsu class 15
Learn Symptom, Causes and Preventative Chronic Life Style Diseases. Understanding illness by 5 Elements ,Defense System (with Mind, Body and Nature), Mibyou, Holistic and Preventative Body Condition, Water, Food, Exercise Chronic Pain treatment: Autonomic Nerves’ system , Neck Shoulder, Lower back Diagnosis Method: Autonomic Nerves’ system , Learn how to counsel clients about their health. Medical Healing Exercise: Jikyoujitu-self treatment exercise, Learn how to give this self healing exercise. 1) Introduction of Anatomy and Physiology ( 1Hours) 2) Cardiac Diseases Basic treatment for Cardiac Diseases: High Blood Pressure. Angina, Recovering from Stroke,
Shiatsu class 16 Shiatsu class 17 Shiatsu class 18 Shiatsu class 19 Shiatsu class 20
1) Diabetic Disease, Basic Treatment for diabetic, Recuperative therapies with Food, Exercise and Water, Menopausal , PMS, Prostate Other Chronic problems, Basic Treatment with Food, Exercise and Water Stress and Insomnia, Neuralgia, Arthritis, Emotional problems and depression Basic Business Ranching, Creating Healing Business – (1) How to utilize your knowledge to give self healing classes? 1) CPR Class Full knowledge, Practice and Exam (* Certificate will be given.) 2) Creating Healing Business Review, Go though and Q&A
Advance Professional Course: Class 21-30
This course gives an Integration of knowledge, shiatsu skills and techniques. Students must demonstrate ability to conduct various treatments in cooperation with explanation of his/her strategy and treatment process based on his diagnosis. Coming soon