"Yelp had 6 stars, then this place would definitely be deserving of it. Initially I had my reservations about the idea of a Holistic Japanese Shiatsu master being capable of helping me with my lower back problems. Upon entering this small apartment which is set up as an office- examination area, you are asked to change into a shirt and short set that they provide for you. I thought this was a nice touch as opposed to getting fully undressed and exposed. The Shiatsu Master then exams you and goes over key issues that before you can even mention them to him, he is aware of. He is fully knowledgeable and quickly puts you at ease. The rest of the session I will leave out of this review, because for some this might seem a little extreme. I assure you that afterwards, you will quickly understand what was necessary to make you better. I walked into the office with a limp and hobble, but walked out feeling rejuvenated and straight as an arrow."

Adrian S. Bayside Hills, NY


"I had a severe case of muscle spasms running from a hip joint down to ankle and up to the back. Often walking down the street I felt like crying from the pain, or actually had to take a cab back home. I went to massage therapies, but having a strong massage only made me feel slightly better for a week or two. I explained to the massage therapists that I had a sensation as if the hip joint were misaligned, but they assured me that it was a common muscle knot around the hip joint. It continued for 6 months until I couldn't bear the discomfort and pain any more.
I have a friend who suffered from similar condition in the past. I remembered her mentioning that she became well with chiropractic treatment. My own experiences with chiropractors were either unsatisfactory or unpleasant. Therefore, I decided to try Doin Seitai Center, knowing that Seitai was a radical version of chiropractic.
The skilled practitioner Mr. Suzuki spoke of my condition as he examined my joints and posture, especially the way I sit with pelvic bone twisted to a side. In the past I went to an Alexander Technique practitioner, and the posture-pain relationship came back to my mind.
He first had one of his assistants work on the back muscles. They were trained by him and had strong hands for medical quality Shiatsu massage. Mr. Suzuki agreed that my hip joint was not in the right place, so he adjusted it by twisting my joints as well as using the special tools. It was quick, but very painful. But after the pain by impact subsided, I felt the spasms were reduced to a mere discomfort. That was the first treatment.
The hip muscle spasms came back after a few days, but I already had the second appointment a week later by Mr. Suzuki's recommendation, so it was expected. Similar treatment was done. This time around, I paid more attention to what he said and how he shifted my hips. I also had a bad neck pain, so I made another appointment to fix the problem. It was scary to have my neck manhandled, but at this point I decided to trust his expertise. I knew that trying to resist the force might cause injury, so I tried to relax my neck as he straightened it. It was, simply put, very painful. However, since then I don't have to crack my neck.
So that was it. I am living a healthy, painless life now after 3 visits to Doin Seitai Center. To be honest. However, it was a combination of the treatments and my own efforts. As I mentioned, I paid attention to what Mr. Suzuki told me about my posture, and every time I started feeling slightest of pain or discomfort, I straightened my body while feeling hip bones with my hands. Once I found a position that reduced pain and discomfort, I remembered the posture, which was, without surprise, straight and symmetric. It took 4 weeks after the last treatment for me to go to bed without needing ibuprofen and woke up without any discomfort. Although I don't have the muscle spasms or back pain any more, I know that I am only in remission. I have to continue to be careful with my posture even in my sleep."

Cat N. Manhattan, NY


Dear Dr. Suzuki,
Here is my write-up for you:
"Norimasa Suzuki, "Seitai/Shiatsu Master" I have been a client of Sensei Suzuki since 1997. 'Do-in' in Japanese means 'The Way at home.' It is the system of massage used for centuries by Zen Buddhist monks and samurai warriors. Shiatsu, while finger acupressure, is based on the same ancient theories as acupuncture. Its purpose is to create the flow of Qi-energy, blood circulation and immune system rejuvenation. Seitai refers to balancing the entire body. As Sensei's client for 13 years, I have been able to control my blood pressure and my arthritis and thus avoid very expensive knee and hip surgery. This system has been mapped by both Chinese and Japanese practitioners for over a period of two thousand years. Try it!
It will help you with both pain and your general good health. It's holistic! It's green! Give yourself a treat and visit Do-in."

Francis C. Spataro,
Author of Charles Mason Remey and The Baha'i Faith(Carlton/Tovar)


"Here are very few truly gifted natural healers in New York City, but Norimasa Suzuki is one of them!
I have encountered dozens of happy clients who are so grateful for his ability to remove painful conditions and I myself have had two very successful experiences with swollen, painful knees that in seconds were re-aligned and then quickly restored to a healthy condition.
Thank you Master Suzuki on behalf of all of us who are so dependent on your expertize..."

Knee  Pain
Charlotte Crosswell Meyer,New York

"In the past several years I had a chronic neck/shoulder problem which gave me excruciated pain on my neck and numbness on my right hand/fingers, and insomnia from its neck pain, even I had a hard time to sleep because of its pain. Although I had been treated at many different hospitals, I was not been cured completely. It seems that all were a temporally relief, no of them gave me a total satisfactory to cure my pain.
Last week, I experienced that my body condition became worst condition so that I could not get up from my bed easily because of my neck shoulder pain. I was introduced by my friend and came to visit Master Suzuki’s Seitai Treatment. I was astonished to feel sharpness and freshness ever morning as the result of his treatment every morning since then.
I now truly understand his logical explanation to my problem which was fundamentally causes by my pelvic disorder and joint imbalance which created my neck shoulder problem. Through his actual treatment I now understand accuracy of his diagnosis to my body and importance of restoring my self-healing power is make makes senses."


Hi Mr.Nori,
Thank you again.Here is my testimonial of my seitai treatment so far: "Seitai treatment has really gotten to the roots of my back and shoulder problems. It looks through the whole body and not just the problem area and I love how Seitai treatment is really slowly helping me to be a physically well. I would continue to get Seitai treatment and highly recommend others to do so as well!"

Back and Shoulder
Peggy L

数年間、横になって眠るのが辛いほどの首の痛み、肩こり、手のしびれに悩まされ続け、様々な病院で治療を受けてきました。いずれも一時的な痛み緩和にとどまり、根本的完治には至りませんでした。いよいよ朝起き上がれなくなるほど悪化した状態で、鈴木先生の施術を受け、一度目で翌朝すっきり目覚めることができとても驚きました。数回の施術で体全体の歪みを矯正していただき、骨盤矯正でピップアップ、膝間接矯正で長年の悩みだったO脚が改善!理論的な説明に毎回「Make sense!」とうなずかせられます。


Dear Sensei,
Thank you for including my testimonial on you new web site. Congratulations! Gambatte! I also saw Charlotte's. Good to hear from her. Give my best. Wonderful. Keep it up. Good Luck!


"Nori Suzuki fixed my back pain!!! Hooray! No one else was able to help me. His special healing technique is NYC’s best kept secret until NOW!"

Back Pain
Lynne Miller
Retired Teacher

"Nori Suzuki put me back in alignment.  I can now move smoothly and easily."

Pelvic Disorder
Rev. Bruce M., NYC