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Seitai was originated as one of the ancient disciplines Japanese Jujitsu. It is not known exactly when it was developed. However, according to various histories of Martial Arts in Japan, it was the umbrella for all arts and various Budo Sects. Samurai Ninjas had to master Seitai as the foundation of Seitai (Budo) Medicine.

In the 17century of Civil war time in Japan various marshal art practices was developed by samurai masters. It was necessary for them to learn medical knowledge for each function of body’s organs and joints in order to sharpen their fighting skills. Ironically, the same knowledge and techniques used to destroy their enemies was also applied to treat their wounded soldiers.

Seitai (Japanese Osteopathy) was originally developed as a secret technology by martial arts masters as the foundation of their craft. Their knowledge of precise weak points and vulnerable areas of the body allowed them to create extraordinary fighting techniques that gave them the greatest power against their enemies in battle. It was also valued as an effective tool to explore the mysteries of the human body and understand how to exceed their normal limitations of injuries and illnesses.

After the 16 century, when the Edo period of peace began, Budo sects withheld their ancient fighting technologies as treasured secrets reserved only for their most trusted masters. Their knowledege grew from experience as it was transferred to succeeding generations. Valuable techniques were compiled about the "5 Organs and 6 Grand theory" functions of the body, the "five elements" , and the foundation of "energy meridians " derived from ancient Chinese medicine centuries earlier.

Ancient Budo Medicine was secretly used by succeeding generations even when, during the Showa period, their tecnhniques were gradually replaced by the new western medical methods of the twentieth centuries. Today only parts of the practice, known to many as shiatsu techniques, remain understood today.

The traditional techniques now introduced by DoIn Seitai Shiatsu have returned to the original teachings and practices of Ancient Budo Medicine. The complete distinctions and techniques are applied to unify our alignment and harmony with the Body, Mind and Nature. With DoIn Seitai Shiatsu, one will have new access to energy and power being present to the extraordinary depth of this ancient knowledge and practice today.