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Master Norimasa Suzuki, Director of the DoIn Seitai Center of NYC, describes the powerful benefits of his Seitai Shiatsu Technique in a news interview with Tracy Roberts of NHK TV and New York 1 News .

Nori Suzuki had been working in Tokyo at multi-national company for a large part of his adult life.  But after many years of traveling for his work and living the life of a typical married businessman, he felt more and more dissatisfaction with both his personal life and his career. At this point, Mr. Suzuki decided that he could no longer lead the life he was currently living.


When his marriage ended in divorce, Suzuki felt an obligation to live near his young daughter in the United States. Unsure of the path he was going to follow, he began seeking the advice of different masters and philosophers, knowing only that he wanted to follow a totally different path than before.

In his quest for answers, he was advised by an I Ching Master to base his future career on some sort of Japanese cultural.  At this point, he began reading about Japanese culture and listening to his inner feelings. He knew that his new career had to be a cohesive integration of his principles and beliefs.

And then the idea came to him. He would bring Japanese healing to the US.  Suzuki studied Seitai and Shiatsu with a Master Takagi, head of the Seitai School in Tokyo and with Mr. Nakagawa, Judo and Sports Medicine expert.  He spent many years of training is what Suzuki calls “Cosmic Shizen Surgery” – a method of re-aligning the bones and unlocking blocked “Chi”.  This results in reactivating self-healing energy and realigning of bones, joints with ligaments and tissues.  Mr. Suzuki has been able to take a science that is thousands of years old and use it to help eliminate chronic pain.


Master Suzuki is now accepting selected students in the United States to learn the advanced secrets of his proven method as a Seitai Master.

Norimasa Suzuki, DoIn Seitai Shiatsu Master
DoIn Seitai Center, New York City
Phone: (212) 697-9114